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Greater St. John

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Youth Ministry

Praise Dancer Ministry
The Praise Dancer Ministry's purpose is to praise and worship the Lord through dance. They use visually powerful art forms of creative dance to bring forth the Word of God.

Meetings: Mondays 6:00 P.M
Ministry Contacts: Shanondolyn Laws, Gwendolyn Laws

Junior Ushers Ministry 
The Junior Ushers includes youth ages 9-17. Just like the Senior Ushers, they promote order among the congregation by helping members and guests find seating, assist with dispersal of printed material and help to facilitate the order of worship. This ministry helps the youth to grow in Christ as they inspire other young people to serve.

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Saturdays 4:00 PM
Ministry Contacts: James Fuller

Boy Scouts 
The Boy Scouts seeks to cultivate Christian character in young men ages 6 -17. The primary purpose of this ministry is to model and develop leadership skills in the community, church, school, and household. The key principles of the Boy Scouts are God first, education, and obedience to parents. Reaches out to young boys, educating them in the area of scouting; promotes Christian values and character, goal setting, and community service; offers periodic field trips and other special events.

Meetings: Every Wednesday at 5:00 PM
Ministry Contacts: Richard Armstrong

Drill Team Ministry 
The GSJ Drill Team includes youth who perform drill movements as they step for Christ as a witness to everyone who sees it. This ministry performs not only at our church, but at local community events and at our National Convention. The primary goal of the Drill Team is to inspire youth to:

  1. Come to Christ.
  2. Study God’s word (2 Timothy 2:15)
  3. Lean on and trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Meetings: Every Monday 5:30 PM
Ministry Contact: Cheryl Wilder and Beverly Reynolds.

Mime Ministry 
Ministering Mime is telling a story through expressive gestures and movement. It is creative worship that conveys God’s grace. The purpose is not to entertain, but to minister to someone’s spirit or very soul. To truly minister, the mime must first surrender and submit to God to be used for His glory. God’s glory is revealed as the mime touches the heart of the audience to see, feel, and know that God is real!

Goal: To cheerfully testify the gospel and the grace of God through sign, body language, praise and worship, while exemplifying Christ at all times.
Mission: To win souls for the Kingdom of God, to give hope and healing through ministering in mime.
Ministry Scripture: Acts 20:24
Rehearsals: Rehearsal times vary
Ministry Contacts: 
Tonya Winters, Kim Wilson, and Erika Johnson Grayson. Choreographers: Hallie Green and Jordan Whitener.

Junior Nurses
The Junior Nurses is a ministry for young people ages 13-18 who assist the Senior Nurses in providing limited medical treatment to GSJ members and guests.

Meetings: 1st Friday of each month 6:00 PM
Ministry Contact: Teresa Johnson

Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church
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About Us
The church committed to explaining the Bible for the equipping of the believer, the evangelizing of the blind, and the edifying of the body as we endeavor to bond in the unity of the Spirit.

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